Saturday, February 6, 2016

KLENSPOP REVIEW #4 FT. Ellen panda PM 12 BLUE + Ellen panda PM 14 VIOLET

HELLO GUYS! Today i have another review sponsored by the lovely KLENSPOP.COM. This is my fourth set of lenses for them and i am excited to bring you more in the future! Today i have two of their newest lens series; the Ellen Panda set. They're actually quite different from what i have recieved until now. They only have two colors, purple or blue and the black rim. AND THEY'RE HUGE WOW.

They are both 15 mm which is really big for me because i dont wear false eyelashes. BECAUSE I DONT HAVE ANY GLUE I GUESS.

Here is everything! except the lenses themselves
As usual, it comes with tweezers and a lens case. I think i have like 7 of Klenspop's tweezers by now lol.

The two boxes1 I think Klenspop changed their box style? I really love it1 So colorful UwU
The pandas on the vial are adorable af tho omg

Crappy photo sorry :(


WITH FLASH: i couldn't look directly at the camera because it hurts orz
It's a really beautiful blue and gives you that dolly effect!

 This is natural sunlight aka me at the window. It looks like ice sort of lol

flash because i forgot it was on haha


It's super pretty with flash but if you're in a dark room it sort of looks really dark. idk how to explain the color sortof dark eggplant color i guess haha

This photo came out pretty good lol ^^^^^^

Nakiri Erina test FAIL^^^^^^

I'm really sorry to both KLENSPOP.COM and all you readers out there that i couldn't upload any more pictures. Theres this weird update with GOOGLE+ and all my pictures are really bad quality. These are the few i could salvage T ^ T

Anyways, when i figure out a way to work against that weird google thing i will post the pictures1 This is it for now and HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEARS!

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