Sunday, October 25, 2015

Klenspop review #2 Bunny color brown+Madonna Green

Hello guys! Sorry for not posting in a while, i've been busy with mid-terms coming up and stuff. But today i'm going to try to catch up on reviews. 
Today i'm here with another review from Klenspop! I reviewed a grey pair which you can read it here. This time, they sent me two pairs for review! I was very very very excited! I got the Bunny color brown and the Madonna Green.
The shipping was fast as usual, it only took one week!

The brown lens came in the usual box, while the green ones came in a different box. I love Klenspop's boxes because they're so unique and adorable!

All lenses come with FREE cases and lens tweezers!

The vials! I personally still love the Bunny color vials because the bunny girl is just so lovely. The Madonna one is also very pretty, I think it's a rainbow ombre lens. ^^

 Here are the green lenses! I personally think these are adorable and natural looking! I was nervous at first because the design looked weird, like a flower kinda? But i shouldn't have worried, they're so pretty!

Photos with the green lenses! The lighting was a bit odd here, sorry! It's been raining alot lately. ; _ ;

The brown ones are so beautiful! They remind me of diamonds or like amber.><

The picture above i edited with a makeup editor. HAHA makeup editors are really fun! xD

Also used it for my Kotori makeup test #34578946. xD
They match so well and are a beautiful brown amber color! I've never felt so cute before lol.

That's all for today! Sorry for the spam of pictures, haha. Also watch out because i'm going to start all my posts with BTS photos especially Kookie! <3

Bye Bye!

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