Sunday, March 5, 2017 headset tutorial

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Hi guys! I've been making a lot of props lately, and they came out pretty well so i want to share how i made it! I want to say as a disclaimer though, if you are genuinely interested in making a crazy detailed and perfect headset, this may not be the right tutorial. I've never made props before (This is my second time after my kotori wand) so i'm not very skilled at making them.. This is also quite a lazy way to make the headset... >< It's durable but definitely lazy and fast LOL


So i think the supplies cost me less than $10! I'm not using LED's, i'm using a neon green paint. You can add LED's if you'd like, but again i'm not skilled with propmaking sooo..

You need:
-1 white foam sheet
-1 black foam sheet
-Pink paint
-Black paint
-Silver paint
-Orange/gold paint (Your preference)
-LED's or neon green paint
- An adhesive (hot glue/strong glue/duct tape etc)

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Let's start!

I highly recommend you make a paper pattern first, so you don't waste any foam. The foam i'm using it quite thin (2mm) but feel free to substitute it for thicker foams!

I started with the headband part. I cut out three rectangular pieces first and glued them together like i was making a box. 

After the glue dried i wrapped the middle rectangle around a round object and heated it with a blow dryer to achieve a more round shape. (I forgot to take pictures of this process, sorry! ><) 

Next i made a pattern of the base piece!

Cut out two of the egg shapes and two strips of foam. Cut out notches on the ends of the foam like above. The shorter notched part should be facing towards your ear when you wear it and the longer notch should be facing away from your ear is that makes sense! I then got super lazy and just duct taped it all together instead of gluing, because it would take so long for the glue to dry LOL

That's it! The reason why i din't make a another egg shape to cover the base up is because it's a hole for your ears to breathe so there is no need to cover it! also because im too lazy to cover it up

You can paint the foam black if you'd like, but i didn't since my foam is already black.

Next cut out two smaller egg shapes and two strips of foam and wrap the entire egg shape in the strip and cut off the excess. Again, i just duct taped everything together. 

I didn't take photos for this part which i am very sorry about but i'll try my best to explain it with this photo!
I basically cut out two diagonal notches on both sides of the white egg bowl shaped thingy. I then took a strip of black foam and covered the empty parts that i cut away previously. 
But before putting the black piece in, make sure to paint the white egg shapes all silver!

I then duct taped the two pieces (black and silver) together. I cut two small pieces of foam and painted them orange, but depending on what photo/cosplayer you look at, they all have different colors. Some are gold/yellow/and light orange. Pick whatever you prefer! ^^ 

I painted on some neon green paint but the one i used smelled like fish and it was so nasty.. :') I also used a toothpick to correct some edges!

I cut out two triangles and wrapped them around to make a cone shape. I also cut out two small rectangles for the headband and painted the cones and the strips in pink paint. 

I just glued the pink strips to my headset, but a tip is to use pins or something to hold it down especially if you're not using hot glue. Mine kept popping up and it was so annoying :'))

I then taped the pink cones on in a hidden position to the back of the black piece. I also glued it for extra protection! I put some objects to keeps the cone in place while it dried. 

So now you should have three pieces; headband, and two earpieces! Glue/tape the strip inside the ear pieces and you're done! 
I also attached it to a thin metal headband so it would sit better and look more like real headphones!

Thanks for reading, bye bye!
My cosplay review will be up shortly!

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